Privacy Policy

In line with European Data Protection Regulations, as a professional consellor and registered to the ICO, I am obliged to share the following about how your data is protected.
What Information Do I Hold?
As a counsellor in private practice I collect the following information:
  • Client name and address,
  • Contact telephone number,
  • Email address,
  • Date of birth and GP details.

What Do I Do with Your Information?

Contact details and information you give me when we agree to work together is secured securely as a paper record. Names and email address are secured on my password protected computer and telephone. Only information I need to contact you is stored in this way. Paper records are anonymised and kept securely in my office.

I am required by my Professional Liability Insurance to keep client records for a minimum of three years following our last session together. This would be in the form of date of session and a brief overview of our work together. At the end of this time all records will be destroyed.

Names and telephone numbers of current clients are shared with my professional supervisor and are in line with good practice in the profession. This person is also bound by the same codes of professional practice as I am and would contact you in the event of me being unable to work or to contact you myself.

I will use your telephone number, email or postal address to contact you regarding appointments and to reply if you make contact with me. I will inform you if there is reason to contact a third-party, your GP if I have serious concerns about your wellbeing or in the unlikely event obliged to disclose by a court of law.

Change In Client Rights

Under GDPR clients have the right to erasure. To ask for personal data to be erased in certain circumstances including where personal data is no longer required for the original purpose they were originally collected. This would need to be in writing and would therefore be the only record I would keep.

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