TR – January 2021

“Janet was superb. She is someone you trust immediately, is hugely empathetic and really warm, instantly putting me at ease. She was incredibly supportive and a real advocate. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Cavelle – January 2021

“These sessions really aided me in finding myself, starting from finding what was a flaw and making it easier to accept. I realised that I shouldn’t blame myself so much for things that I don’t have or rather didn’t have control over. Now I find it easier to let things go and slide off my back which reduces my load tenfold. I no longer feel the need to carry people and their problems because I’m no longer beneath them. I don’t exist for convenience; I exist to live and find my own purpose. As such, I feel depressive episodes have decreased greatly and overall, I feel better about myself. I really have my counsellor to thank for that because we were both comfortable and I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind completely in our sessions. As a result, I received proper guidance. I am truly grateful for this experience.” 

John –  6 June 2020

“I can honestly say that Janet was far and away the most helpful. She would set challenges and tasks to help me express my thoughts and emotions on the topic we were dealing with. Janet gradually built up my confidence in order to deal with my particular issues (Yes, I had more than one). I cannot recommend Collected Serenity highly enough, certainly from my experience.”

Roni – 19 Aug 2019

“I sought help from Janet for a number of different issues including panic attacks, anxiety and relationships. Janet took the time to learn my history, focusing on what moments had the biggest impact on who I am today and why certain situations are hard for me. I cannot recommend her enough, after 8 – 9 months I honestly feel transformed and have made peace with previous resentments in my life. There were so many times that I had a “light-bulb” moment in her presence. Janet’s warm and friendly attitude meant I felt safe to open up and share my inner feelings without judgement. I am so grateful that I came across Janet’s profile and feel that anyone starting their journey would be lucky to have Janet’s help.” 

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