“There are always plenty of people to to do something with, but nobody to do nothing with” Esther Rantzen on GMB on Thursday 11 August 2022. 

This was predominately about elderly people (the young at heart) which made me think about the older people I have come into contact with over the last few months, who find themselves alone and at times feel lonely in those moments when there is no one to eat with, talk to about the programme you have just watched etc. Esther spoke about how lonely it can be and about her own experience of being on her own and feeling alone. For more information about the helpline she has set up for the older generation it is called Silverline, telephone 0800 4708090.

However, loneliness and feeling alone does not only happen to the older generation. Whatever your age, if you have difficulties in reaching out to others and would like a conversation, reach out and talk to someone, don’t be alone.

Other support :

Marmalade Trust

Campaign Against Living Miserably – CALM

Or speak to a Counsellor.

Changes to my hours of work:

I am offering face to face sessions again on Wednesdays other sessions times are as follows:

Monday: Online, please enquire.
Wednesday: 15.30 – 20.30pm (face-to-face).
Thursday: Online, please enquire.

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