Hello everyone, in light of this special week I want to tell you all about an interview I saw on tv this morning with Lorraine Kelly and Scarlett Moffatt. Scarlett shared something that happened to her when she became Queen of the Jungle, whereby she was horribly trolled, and suffered emotionally as a consequence, and she described hating herself. I am happy to report that she sought the help of The Samaritans, and is still involved with them today. If you are able to watch this episode, some of you may identify with what she says.I would like to urge you, not to suffer in silence, reach out and speak to someone …it could make all the difference to how you feel tomorrow.When Captain Sir Tom said “tomorrow is a good day,” that message resonated with me and I have adopted this as my mantra …for me tomorrow will always be a good day.
Take care!

Hi everyone, It is Mental Health Awareness Week!
How fitting, because I do not know anyone who has not been touched by an emotional battle in some way during the last 13 months, do you? I do not want to trivialise being aware of mental health because it is not just about being aware of it for one week, as some people struggle every day and each day can bring challenges.Let us all be aware of how we are managing as well as others who are not able to articulate this. Happy be aware of others week 

Changes to my hours of work:

I am offering face to face sessions again on Wednesdays other sessions times are as follows:

Monday: Online, please enquire.
Wednesday: 15.30 – 20.30pm (face-to-face).
Thursday: Online, please enquire.

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